Friday, October 19, 2007

restoring an '86 gt lancer

i decided to restore our car after a year of driving it daily - well, almost. this bone maroon box machine is one mean machine. not that it's faster than the others, but it's definitely tougher. imagine a 100 km travel everyday for 8 months. i bet that would wreck your car.
as of now, this baby will wear motorized fender mirrors, '82 gsr grill and a fresh paint job. nothing ricey, just a back to basic stock car. still hoping to get stock steering wheel ang 13" stock steel rims but they're still hard to find.
i'll be posting more pics of bM(box machine is it's name) in the future, so stay tuned.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

in search

this morning, my wife and i went to this protestant church. i won't mention the name of the church and please dont ask. we were catholic from the very begginng and we intended to stay that way although a lot changed since then. we are now in search for something that would make us grow spiritually, and not just go to a place every sunday, hear someone talk, give them money, pray a little and then go home. every so called religion is already doing it and we want more.

when we entered their church, we felt a sudden change in the environment. it's like we don't belong there. it's our first time to see a church with an elevator and escalator. it could be that we were left behind or we stayed inside the catholic church too long that the customs were already embedded in our characters - how sad. so, now we'll take sometime to acustom ourselves to different religious culture or maybe read a little bit more about bible, religions, and god. a little soul searching will help to. good luck to all of us