Wednesday, March 25, 2009

gba rom

was looking for initial d gba rom but just found "another stage" from which was not my type. so i looked for gt advance instead and found my way here -

a lot of goms inside though i haven't checked out the whole site

no pc sucks

its hot, dry, boring and nothing to do. ethan's sleeping and im using my phone to sign in to facebook and try to right this entry at the same time. that is while watching up vs nu volleyball match... oh, it's a re-run and up won. hmmm that number 2 (montero) is a beauty...anyway!

channel surfing..its jenn mercado and mark herras on a soap..haha! sorry not my type. their acting is still not worth watching.

next! the bachelor,huh! locals suck- big time! well thats in the afternoon

shoot! i miss cable. but thats too unproductive for me. too much to watch for so little time.

im gonna try and reformat the pc so wish me luck...

wish me luck on this entry's my firt time to post using a phone... lets see!