Thursday, May 21, 2009

learning fiberglass: day 1

i took a seminar with polymer products philippines inc this morning and i'm very pleased with how the day went.

my first reason was to create my own parts for the car but it turned out that there are a lot of things that can be done with, not just fiberglass, but resins as well.

here's a video of mr. nard samonte

the video is just a piece of what you are going to get when you enroll for the seminar.

here's a shot from the classroom

the first day was about learning polymers in general. we tackled its applications in construction, marine uses, land and air transportation, agro-industrial, consumer products and medical uses among others. material are also discussed like resins, hardener, toner, dye, gelcoat, release wax, cellophane, molding clay and fillers. mr. samonte demonstrated some processes such as, encapsulation, stained glass making and cultured marble.

tomorrow is when we get our hands dirty. we'll do figurines and maybe learn to create molds. i'm looking forward into it. grasping the concept is easy but learning by hands-on experience is the way to go.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

that 80's show: turbo teen

i clearly remember that it was gma7, here in the philippines, that aired turbo teen every afternoon back then. although, i just saw it once and never even knew the title.

i searched for it in google with "man turns into car" keywords and followed the search to turbo teen.

here's the intro

Friday, May 15, 2009

10 best blogetiquette / blogtiquette pages

an idea came to me to write about blog etiquette. however, creating one is too late. google gave me tons of links from keywords like "unwritten rule" and "blog etiquette". so, there's no need to add to the pile. besides, its better for me to read to learn more about blog etiquettes. here's my list of 10 blog etiquette pages that i find very informative.

i love reading metascene's page the most. and for more practical list, i vote lovetoknow's

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

house design hunt

we've been busy for the past few days about looking for a house to rent on july. we've decided to rent again, buy a separate lot and build a house on that lot. we're hoping for a 500sqm lot around tagaytay. we've got an agent, we're studying loan possibilities and we might take a trip to the location next week.

now what we need is a design for the house. i'm not an architect but i know how it works. i just need some inspiration. so, i ended up looking for designs in the web. google gave me looking at their catalog seemed to impress me and my wife. particularly this design.

here's the link

the lot is not situated near the beach so might not be an option for us. but, designs like this inspire me. so, if you're looking for a design too and ended up in this blog, try visiting their website at

night at the museum 2006

just finished watching night at the museum and i would give it 9 out of 10 rating. it's got great story and great cast. it's inspirational and educational.

i was skeptical at first and watched it due to it's popularity. i was thinking this would be a 5/10 movie but it proved me wrong. i bet its best to watch it on the big screen, but a 21 inch would do. i watched it on my compaq c700 series.

this would be a great film for home schools - both parent and child alike. it would be a great way to start them to be fascinated with museums.

Friday, May 8, 2009

think and grow rich

i'm reading the electronic facsimile edition of the book "think and grow rich" by napoleon hill, published by the ralston society in 1938, distributed by i was blown away when i started reading and thinking why have i not read it before?

i still cant tell much about it but i'm sure that this can be a great help in times like, now. with the recession and pandemics, something should inspire people. not only to keep the faith but to uplift our soul to get thru the times.

the book is just timeless. since 1938, it's been teaching how to be successful in life. hopefully, this will help you too.

open this link to new page to download.