Sunday, September 8, 2013

ode to wife

she is the reason why i move on
the reason why i still smile
she is my happiness
she is my life

she is the mirror of myself
the one who tells me that i need help
she brings out the best and worse in me
she's the reason for being me

i owe her every bit of what you see
all the best and flaws that i'll ever be
with the ins and out that you don't see
for she's the reason why i'm me

she the one i call home
even the girl behind this poem
the only woman that drives me mad
but she's all the sanity that i'll ever need to have

i promise that all my days i vow
to love her with all ways i know how
with all the things she wants me to be
in love like a man whose, for her, crazy

i'll remind myself those flowers
that i forgot to give her in the past
such will be my token of love for her
which will be proven as the time pass

i wont forget to conjure words
like how i string up music chords
until the last breathe my body makes
until the last words my mouth states

jealousy, i will never let it enter
her thoughts, that until the day of never
for lessons that have been learned still lingers
and haunts me till now, till forever

i know i made faults and mistakes
and some regrets where honor is at stake
some even, to her, devastates
which i'll remember and learn from what she hates

these are mere words, i think, she would say
but i don't intend to stop in just one day
there are more where these came from
and time will prove how this love is strong