Wednesday, October 3, 2012

money works

money makes the world go round: that's half true. money and people makes the world go round. sad to say, people are letting money make the world go round when it should be the other way around. people are working for money instead of letting money work for the people.

let's take a look at the three kinds of people-money relationship, which i have in mind.

employment: when one is employed, one is working for money. he works to receive money for him to use for daily activity. once depleted, the cycle is repeated. it's advantage: it's basic, no complications and no stress (depending on whose looking at it). drawback: unstable and routinary. once you're laid off, the pay stops and you need to look for another job.

business: when one owns a business, one is working with his money. to clarify, he is helping his money grow by making the business stay afloat. then the owner would hire managers to take charge of the operations so he can sit back. then, from time to time he takes part on the operations. that's better than being an employee, in so many ways. one disadvantage though. it consumes time. not like if you are going be an investor

investor:  when one invests, he uses his money to generate more money. sample would be time deposit, real estate, stocks, bonds, etc. simplest form would be saving up in a bank with compounding interest. that may return the smallest but adding it up to, let's say, 15 years: that's big. 1,500 monthly with 0.5%interest rate for 15 years would have a future value of 281,939.13, regardless of the currency(i think).

final note, make your money work for you. do not just work for money.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

siyaman (plus one)

siyaman (n) jeepney's passenger seat can hold nine people per side

jeepneys are means of public transport in the philippines. it looks like the willy's jeep with the rear stretched back by several feet depending on how it was customized. passengers will enter from it's rear opening, much like a mini container van. then passengers will crowd inside on two long adjacent seats, which seating capacity depends on its length.

the problem: drivers force additional passengers to the seating capacity limit. more passengers mean more income for drivers and more inconvenience to the passengers. imagine seating on just half of your butt for the whole time of travel. i know: that sucks, big time!

the solution: nothing. in the philippines, there is no "solution". there's only "work-around". that's either you shout a the driver that it's not possible to fit another soul inside. or, you don't let anyone inside even if the jeep is still picking up passengers. another work-around would be categorizing jeepneys by seating capacity. unfortunately, i'm seeing bureaucracy's dark side creeping in. with those said, we can only stand back and figure out what lesson we can get from the situation.

the lesson: save up for your own mode of transportation because public transportation sucks.

Monday, October 1, 2012

teach yourself how to teach yourself

how do you do that, you ask? i have no clue. it was just a catch for you to keep on reading. pretty neat, eh. seriously, what i really wanted to say is "teach your body how to teach itself".

to elaborate: it's like raising your body and your soul (and other parts of your being) to absorb anything that comes along the way- that means learning it and making it stick that you don't have to think of it every now and then. think of muscle memory when you eat- spoon, fork, chopsticks, where you mouth is. you know.

now, think bigger and faster: that means a lot of info to learn, and faster.

next: how do we do that? this is where google comes in. but not all will be laid for you by google. you still need to decipher all the pages it presents you. but to filter things down, here's my list of pointer (in no particular order)
  • hold on to that interest - i don't know how you'll do it. what i do? i try to learn my interests first. if i got stuck. i leave it and move to the next interest at hand. i don't stay on something where i don't get anything. then somewhere along the way, i get back to where i left.
  • know thy self - really? i need to explain further? simply put, if you don't know yourself, you're in a big trouble.
  • taking a break is not bad, not at all - batteries, fuel, food, energy, r and r, sleep: you will die if you don't take a break.
  • google is not your only friend - actually, search engines are just the middle men. they introduce all the friends that you need.
now what?  leave this blog and go some-blog else. you don't expect me to give you all the details, now, do you? i don't spoon feed. sorry.