Friday, June 27, 2014

52 week money challenge: select a week version

I'm guessing you already read 52 week money challenge and it's reversed version.

Now comes another version since I don't have the patience to be steady(except when driving).

I call it: Select-A-Week version

How it works?

  1. Just choose the amount depending on what you have and what's highest amount that week
  2. Set aside the amount
  3. Cross out the week
  4. Wait for another week
  5. Repeat.
Let's take the chart below as an example

If this week, you were able to save Php300, then cross out the 7/25/2014. So, you don't have to just set aside Php50.00. The bigger you set aside, the easier it will be to save in the future. The following week, you were able to save Php1000.00 then cross out 10/31/2014. Now, you have Php300.00 and Php1000.00 crossed out. Let's say you save another Php300.00 the following week, since you already crossed the Php300.00, you'll just have to cross out Php250.00. That leaves you extra Php50.00, which you can also cross out or spend depending on what you fancy.

Happy Saving!

how to add location in google maps

We were able to add a map to a blog with the article how to add map to blog. But what if you dont see any marker for your location. Then, we create it. Follow the steps below in adding a pin or marker to google maps.

  1. open
  2. sign in
  3. click "Add new"
  4. zoom in to the location
  5. click on the location
  6. select a category
  7. add a name
  8. fill in the form
  9. click on "Save" button
To confirm, search google maps

*pics to follow

Thursday, June 26, 2014

reversed 52 week money challenge

It's highly suggested that you read 52 Week Money Challenge first before proceeding with the article.

If you are still reading then I'll assume you know most about it already. Let's continue...

  1. So you can wait for one year? Very good.
  2. And you think that you'll have continuous income for a year? Even better.
  3. You can afford to set aside Php2,600.00? Cool!
  4. You think that the challenge will not work for you?(for some reason) Then try this one for size
Start from the biggest amount and work your way in reverse.

So, if you are using Php50.00 for your start week, then you start with Php2,600.00. e.g. as follows
  • 1st week - Php2,600.00
  • 2nd week - Php2,550.00
  • 3rd week - Php2,500.00
  • 4th week - Php2,450.00
  • etc... etc...
Hence, it's call Reversed 52 Week Money Challenge. Since it's the same challenge, but in reverse.

What is so different about it?

I just feel that I won't finish the challenge with the normal way of doing it. I felt that it would be such a drag that I have to shell out that much. And, it's easier to just lower down the amount you are saving every week. On the last week, I just have to let out Php50.00 and it's done.

But, if there are still people not satisfied with the reverse method, then wait till I discuss the selective method.

Happy Saving!

how to add map on blogs

Im working on another blog of a friend about her restaurant and found a need to put a map

So, I went to Google for assistance. Lo and behold, it assisted.

Now, let me share to you how it goes.(pics to follow)
  1. open
  2. search for the location
  3. click the gear at the bottom right corner
  4. click "Share and embed map"
  5. click "Embed map" tab
  6. choose the size
  7. copy the html code
  8. paste it to you blog

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

i start to save

In line with my previous post entitled saving money weekly, I start to save. I want to prove that I can do what I preach. So, I got myself an another account aside from the payroll where the funds will be coming from

Nothing special... just a regular saving account from a local bank.

Happy Saving!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

saving money weekly

I came across a an idea called 52 Week Money Challenge. Let me share to you how it works. The idea is to save Php62,900.00 in 52 weeks(one year) and we start with only Php50.00.

What is it?

From the label 52 Week Money Challenge, it's a Challenge. It's about saving Money. It runs for 52 weeks (1 year). In a nutshell, you religiously save an increasing amount for the whole year.

How do you do it?

  1. For the first week, you save Php50.00.
  2. On the second week, you save the same amount as last week, which is Php50.00 - plus additional Php50.00. That's Php100.00
  3. On the third week, you save the same amount as last week, which is Php100.00 - Plus additional Php50.00. That's Php150.00
  4. On the fourth week, you save the same amount as last week, which is Php150.00 - Plus additional Php50.00. That's Php200.00
  5. You repeat the cycle for one year or 52 weeks.
  6. Enjoy your money.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Make sure you can wait for one year
  • You have an income for at least a year
  • You can afford to set aside the amount of the last week. If you are using Php50.00 as base, then that's Php2,600
  • Put it in a bank account to avoid the temptation of spending your money
  • Have a goal on how to use it when you are done. (eg. cellphone, project car, travel)
  • You can change the base depending on what you can afford. If you are a student you might want to start with Php10.00 or Php20.00
If you think this is not effective to you, then consider changing some of the parameters. Say, reverse it(which i am using). Start from the biggest amount(Php2,600). Or, if you have an erratic amount of income, then just choose what you can afford on the week. I'll be discussing this next time since i have just thought of it right now.

Happy Saving!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

making sophia's logo

i have a friend who has a cafe, but doesn't have a logo, yet. so i took the liberty of creating one. and here is how it went...

what i created...
they asked for a powder blue or pink...
it was a little heavy, they asked something lighter...
it's ok. but see another color. let's go vintage brown...
 a little pale. let's do pink. and lose the ornament while you're at it...
too thick for pink. let's lighten it up with baby pink...
  a little more, please...
let's call it a day and do it some other time. lols!