Friday, February 12, 2010

linux firsts

i came across the linux timeline in wikipedia and learned that there are three major distros(distributions) where most of them came from.
ubuntu, KNOPPIX and gibraltar are some of the distros that were based from debian. i would say it's a cross between slackware and redhat - and that's based from some of my research. i just dont have time to post details

madriva, fedora and the "philippines distro" bayanihan are based from redhat. a very corporate feel and stable distro if you ask me

slackware, which was the basis of openSuSE and vector, is a hobbyist distro basing from its history. althought, its support and community are as stable.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

learning linux

i've always wanted to learn linux for years. but i'm still stuck with this crappy w!ndows v!sta - yes, v!sta. the crappiest of them all. and now that i have some time and a spare laptop to use, i managed to install ubuntu studio. why ubuntu studio? i just got fascinated with the programs it came with.

the first thing i checked was if i could go online, wireless that is. sad to say, the browser couldn't fetch anything. fortunately, getting the laptop wired got me online. and that's one less trouble for me.

now, the problem at hand is that there is no wireless connection. solution - search the web.

i landed on and found out that ubuntu studio doesn't install the gnome network manager which is like the "view available networks" on xp and "connect to a network" on v!sta. so, lets just install it. i mean, lets try to install it.

next: installing a program in linux