Monday, June 22, 2009

pay to click sites

...or "ptc" as what it's called. you click, the site pays. it's as simple as that. before, i thought it was a lame idea that one just click all day. but, with this recession, anything will do just fine as long as it pays. "pay-to-click" sites are everywhere. i guess there are more than a hundred of them. however, 90% of them are scam. so, please be careful on how you approach this financial tool. i call it financial tool because it really, does pay. but not on how you think it does: clicking. clicking or viewing ads all day is cheap compared to putting up a banner and asking people to sign up for a program. yes, it's like selling and it's called referrals: just like in the networking scheme.

you just have to sign up, login, put your banner onto some sites/blog you have and wait for people to click on them and hope for them to sign up. now, there's another something lame. but, if you think about it, it pays better than clicking. and you wont have to stay all day infront of the pc to click. you can just sit back and relax. however, putting more effort into anything gives better results and this is no exception. if you wanna find out more about "pay-to-clicks" then let us learn them together. i put up another blog for it because putting banners here will mess up my adwords account. visit and find.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

blank music sheet

i needed to print a music sheet for this idea that's been bugging me. google gave some options like:

but has a lot to offer aside from music sheet. so, it's best to browse around. needs you to sign-up and login before you can program your own music sheet and print it. and, sad to say, the sheet cant be save as pdf or picture file, which will get you to login everytime you want to just print. the university of virginia's (uva) page has limited, but very useful, collection. and if you're looking for the ordinary sheet here's the link thanks to uva. it has 10 stave and it's to be printed on a regular (8.5x11) paper.

let's make crème brûlée

i first tasted crème brûlée as a flavor of zagu's product. and from then on, it was my favorite from their line-up.

and now that i have learned it to be the best (if not one of the best) dessert, i looked for its recipe and it led me to this video from youtube.

it was uploaded by people from at it was accompanied by a link to their recipe page. and now i know that the sugar on top of it is torched. can't wait to make one.

colt mirage diecast

searching for photos of the defunct 78-83 mitsubishi colt mirage led me to this site:

and this photo
a red 1978 mitsubishi colt priced at 36,95 €. there's also a blue one in their stock. maybe i should buy one. although it's not my priority, for now, i'll just post it here to give me some inspiration.

here's their catalog cover for 2009 (to inspire)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

rally car book

thinking about resurrecting my 81 colt mirage to a rally spec car, i remembered there was a book about it - race and rally car source book: the guide to building and modifying a competition car by allan staniforth. i saw it the first time in national bookstore in eastwood city, libis and heard that a friend of mine owns one. here's its cover (thanks to

on the process, i also found a site for kids. kidsdownload is a blog where you'll find ebooks for kids such as rally car race: a short story by annette smith and illustrations by richard hoit. it's about a kid who enjoys watching rallies on tv.

a lot of kids ebooks can be downloaded there. although, it will redirect you to if you're ok with that, then please enjoy!

samurai x

i just finished reading the manga, rurouni kenshin ("samurai x" in the philippines), thanks to midway, i was intrigue with the whole story that i've searched for the other media. has most of the list and has some torrents including film, videos and ost. a reminder: if you like it, buy it!

the plot has a great twist, though it was not shown in the emotion of the story gets deeper as you read farther. it was my fave when i watched it in studio23 and it still is.