Sunday, April 13, 2014

Pacquiao - Mayweather Jr: Why it wont happen.

Now that Manny Pacquiao proved he was right. What's next? Facing Floyd, that is. A thrilling idea that just became a concept: a what if. But why it will never happen?

Because Mayweather Jr. want's to retire as undefeated. This is the only reason I can think of. If you say he fears Manny, I don't think so. I bet he can stand toe to toe with Pacman. He has the skills. He is undefeated. And he knows how to box.

Now the question is why he wants to retire undefeated? Two reasons I can think of - money and/or prestige. You wont get anything else out of being undefeated except for those two. If you're undefeated, you're value goes up. You become famous. You have control over your fights... Things like those. Can't blame the man for thinking about his future. Specially if you have a colleague like Mike Tyson. Being reminded of how it will be without money will definitely make you think twice.

I'm just not sure why would he choose a good retirement over proving that he is the best. If I know that I am the best then I know that I can defeat whoever is placed in front of me. Specially for a boxer, nothing is more precious than proving to the world that I am the best. And for Mayweather Jr., that should be a piece of cake. That's if he, really, is the best.

Maybe this is all just work for him. A job that he was to do even if he doesn't want to do it. In a way that's being professional and I think I can admire him for that. But,being a boxing fan, or an spectator at least, I would think low of how a boxer he is. He maybe undisputed or undefeated, but he will never be the best or the greatest as far as my opinion is concern. Even without considering Pacquio in the picture, Marquez will be better or greater that him.

Being undisputed or undefeated doesn't mean being the greatest or the best.