Tuesday, November 6, 2012

buy experience

i'm wasting money when i pay for something that doesn't give anything in return. so when i'm about to buy something, it should give me something. and the returns of buying are categorized in two:

1. benefit of consumption and
2. benefit of experience (which i always prefer)

consuming is to stay alive while experiencing is to live. even if it's good or bad, experience gives out more than just staying alive.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

categorize: save money

want a reason to save?

when i buy, i categorized my purchases as either:

1. necessary or
2. not necessary(others)

easy as that.

the tricky part is how to determine whether what i'm buying is necessary or not. it should be as simple as a yes or no question, but some factors complicate the decision making process. whatever those factors are it all boils down to whether it is needed or not.

let's use phone as a sample. i would say i don't need a phone to live or i wont die(literally) if i don't have a phone. but if i have a kid and i want to keep track of him because i will die of worrying, then that's a need.

now, think. what are the things that you can't live without? don't cheat. and, only by that you will be able to save.