Monday, May 10, 2010

race to witch mountain 200

i was looking for race videos over the net. but using the word "race" on search engines gave me race to witch mountain. i got curious and watched it. sad to say, it ain't my type.

fair casting and not so good effects is what i can say. it's not good, but, its not bad, either. i don't recommend to buy or rent it. borrow it from someone you know that owns one. or, maybe, download it from thepiratebay. i also won't recommend that you keep it in your hard drive. it's not worth keeping. oh, and garla gugino is still hot.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

gamer 2009

i got interested with the gamer because of gerard butler - very good acting on 300. but it didn't started there. it started with the spy next door of jackie chan where i saw amber valletta. and as an info geek that i am, i searched for other movies she starred. and gamer was her last movie before the comedy/spy flick.

review? it's bloody, sexy and cool! which means it's good. i would recommend it to be watched on the big screen. but hd/plasma at home will do.