Monday, August 18, 2014

52 week money challenge: extra challenge stage

Status update: I have saved P5,250.00 covering upto September 19 by using the . On the date of writing this article, I still have five weeks or more than a month of allowance, which is good... very good.

The bad part, my mortgage arrears is around P40,000. So, I have to break my bond that I wont use the money until they are completed next year. I still have until August 20 to pay for it or I get evicted - quite a challenge eh?

What I want to point out? It's ok to use what you already got. Use it only as an emergency fund, provided you're still on track or your still doing that challenge. It's your money, anyway and you might as well put it to good use. Thus the idea would make your fund a little flexible and will add another reason why you would like to start the challenge now, if you still haven't.

Happy saving!

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