Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Why have a Website in 2015?

Why have a website when there’s Facebook? Isn’t that enough?
I've been getting this objection every time I offer my web services. I found that funny ten years ago. But hearing the same excuse to not create a website for their business is disheartening.
Here in Cavite Philippines, most of SMEs(small/medium enterprise) does not have websites. And, I think they have the same reason like what the rest of the world has. And that might be because:
  1. websites are expensive to make, or
  2. you don't have the time to do it, or
  3. you'd rather use facebook, or
  4. all of the above
I don't blame them if these are the case. However, the way they see website doesn't change the fact that having a website is valuable. It is so needed that asking why get a website feels like living in the cretaceous era. We can scour the net and get several reasons why your business or even just you need a website. But I'm not here to do your homework. You can leave this page now and go to google and search "why have a website". I even got the link for you. Or, you can stay and scroll down to what I've got to say.

Why have a website?
I'll narrow down my article to one reason why a websites' significance for your business should be considered a top priority.

Short answer: Credibility
Let me get to details.
I took the liberty of researching the same question "why have a website?". I got several results listing down all possible reasons. Below is the top answers I found. There are so many of them that I will only list the top five reasons aside from credibility.
  1. Marketing (affordable, wider target, accessibility)
  2. Time saver (presentation, faq, education)
  3. Customer (service, relationship, communication)
  4. Online presence
All of those listed above are already covered by social media.
Affordable Marketing - social media is free. A domain name and hosting would cost you. Not to mention the webdesign cost.
Wider Target - Everyone and anyone has a social media account.
Presentation - You can upload photos, videos and any kind of material in social media.
Customer Service - customer can chat with the company representative.
Online Presence - Social media is online presence.
There is one thing that social media cannot do that websites has been doing for years. That's boosting credibility.
So, why have a website?
Because social media is free, anyone can make an dummy account and pretend that it's the company it's pretending to be. On the other hand, you have to purchase domain name and/or hosting which makes pretending a hassle.
Another way that it gives credibility is the full control of the design of your website. From the user interface to the brand color to file organization, you're in complete control. With social media, there's only so much that you can do. Probably a profile pic or background color would be it.
To top it of, having your brand as your domain name is credible enough that it shouts your company means business. Your company is not just another profile on a social media site. And you can definitely say your company has an online presence.
So, why have a website?
It's about credibility. And that's here to stay.

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